Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rock and Roll Baby!

So, what do you do with four months of workman's compensation for emergency surgery?

Let's see I'm nineteen. Getting paid $375 a week to do nothing, with stacks of uncashed overtime checks and over $50K in the bank.

I met a rock photographer; and went to every single heavy metal and punk concert that came through Chicago. For three months solid.

Was great playing assistant. Buying tickets, getting passes, loading film, going backstage, getting interviews, and stage diving. (Just kidding. Only did a stage dive once. Very exhilirating experiment in communal trust.)

Invited many of the bands back to the Oak Park house after their concert.

Yes, it was totally cool talking about how this band or that band came over. And, how some of them did not seem to want to leave. ('Meatmen', 'Love and Rocket's talking about you here.)

By the time most bands get to Chicago they have bounced around endless number of gigs on their tour.

They are seriously appreciative to have a house to go to after a concert, instead of several little hotel rooms. A living room in which to watch cable. A kitchen with a full fridge to make whatever meal they can fix.

Many bands are on a per diam, and don't have much for extras while on tour. Compound that with hours that have you finishing work later in the evening. Most meals are from 24 hour stores and restaurants purchased on a budget.

So, sorry to pop any bubbles. Don't have stories of rockers partying out. It's more like comforting down. Think the biggest vice may have been too much soda and sweets right before bed time.

Oh, and the realization that we are all human and enjoy winding down after work.

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