Sunday, June 28, 2009

Catering Again...

So, to help pay for my wedding there was the need for extra income.

Off to the hotels I went. With a scrappy little resume I applied for banquets catering.

Got to serve weekend brunches, and clear many tables while wearing a tuxedo.

The experience in some ways can be surreal. You have a breakfast served at a fancy hotel and then guests of all shapes and sizes come in to dine.

You will see the guests in suits and refined outfits. Nice morning clothes.

Then there is the more casually dressed. Jeans, polo shirt or nice top.

The next group are the t-shirt and shorts, or sweat pants crowd. They are usually wearing sandals or flip-flops.

However, by far my favorite group are the pajama people. OMG! It's past 10:30am get out of your pajamas you're in public. And, some are not allowed in the dining area for lack of footwear. Who's house are you in?

There also seems to be a directly proportional amount of food consumed to level of attire. The more upwardly mobile the attire - i.e. business suit - the less the food. A bagel, a juice or coffee, and a yogurt or piece of fruit.

Pajama people - robe pockets and sometimes sleeves filled with fruit and such for later, two or three plates of food for breakfast eaten on the spot.

Each person executes breakfast in their own style. They dance around each other and never make eye contact with people beyond their own parties and a server or two.

Life is so surreal.

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