Sunday, June 28, 2009

Oh, Yeah - Got married...

If you truly love somebody. You look at them and can not think of ever living without that person by your side...that's when marriage makes sense.

Did I love my husband. As much as I knew at the time. Loved him with all that I knew how.

However, I can honestly say I was obsessed with the idea of getting married more than anything else. I was nineteen and had already put money down on the dress before he asked. It was the end of the season for the dress and it would be gone forever. Still have pictures of the dress. More of the dress than of him.

Worked second and third jobs just to pay for the wedding. He was supposed to buy our rings. They ended up being $10 for a pair at Bizarre Bizarre. Purchased 2 nights before hand. Woo hoo!

Wanted to cancel a week before the wedding. But, had been chided about cold feet.

Cried up the aisle and through the ceremony.

Fought with each other during the reception and honeymoon.

Moved out 1 year and 11 days after we had said "I Do".

There were deep issues to contend with that I won't discuss. It was a time of great pain, sorrow, growth and learning. Just glad that it is not my present.

Met many wonderful people from that relationship. Have reaped many joyous occasions and splendiferous events from having 'been there'. And, if having gone through the less than blissful times meant getting that bliss - it was well worth it all.

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