Friday, February 20, 2009

St. Paul Lutheran

Kindergarten to Third Grade

Mrs. Busch was my kindergarten teacher. She was a twin. Her sister's name was Ella. Her name was Mirella. Insisted on calling me Marilyn. She took our entire class out the her house. There was a swimming pool; and we had hotdogs with chips for lunch.

You always remember your kindergarten teacher.

Mr. Reichardt was my first crush. He was the third grade teacher. Taught our class the Lord's Prayer and Silent Night in German. He also would let our class watch Bozo's Circus during lunch. He would bring in albums and play them at the back of the classroom - The Singing Nun's Lord's Prayer and Oh What a Feeling are the two I liked the most.

Can still remember parading across the street to the church for morning prayer. It was always cold. In winter we would sit in coats and hats. In summer we looked forward to our time with God.

Had to leave St. Paul Lutheran when we moved.

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